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Extreme Body Modification: - Be careful

Extreme Body Modification: – Be careful

Andrea Ivanova (24) from Sofia in Bulgaria made headlines around the world for her very own appearance, which earned her the nickname “Balkan Barbie”.

– Serious consequences

In an interview with Jam Press, last summer, the 24-year-old said she had taken 25 lip fillers, but the doctor warned her of “serious consequences”.

– My doctor warned me that if my lips were injured, or there were any other problems, I should call him immediately. But I will continue to enlarge my lips, she said.

There are also other complications with such large lips, such as difficulty eating meals.

Ivanova studied German philology at St. Kliment Oredsky School of Sophia University. But at 22, she also developed an interest in body modifications.

Tens of thousands of crowns

Andrea started the process of changing her look in 2018, and she has spent tens of thousands of kroner to get the “Barbie” look. Among other things, she had an operation on her breasts of size 75E.

She herself claims that she lost track of the money she spent on fillers and plastic surgery.

By last December, she had another lip injection and was planning her number 27, according to the site. All this is interesting.

Here she also revealed that she recently had a surgery to lengthen her face and change the shape of her jawbone.

– I love my lips now – more than before. I feel very good and I am very happy with them. She tells the site, because I think I look more beautiful if my lips were bigger.

“The biggest lips in the world”

Andrea shares photos and updates from her private life on social media like Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, she has a OnlyFans account. On social media, she boasts of having “the biggest lips in the world”.

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Cassandra Bankson, a famous American beauty influencer, participated in Jan Video about severe plastic surgery. Here I spoke with plastic surgeon Gary Linkoff about “Balkan Barbie,” among other things.

Here, the surgeon explains more about the lip fillers Andrea Ivanova used to enlarge her lips. Lip fillers often consist of what’s called hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body.

– It could be dangerous

When the lips get too big, Linkoff says, it can be very difficult to control them because they protrude from the mouth.

– If you look at those lips, they don’t match the rest of the face. I can’t imagine it being so easy for her to eat or speak properly with lips like that.

He also warns that excessive use of lip fillers can cause the lips to not return to their normal position.

Some people think you can only melt rags. The problem is that such interventions are often marketed as reversible, but we know from studies that lip fillers stay in the body for a long time — they can take decades.

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Everything should be done in moderation. This is an extreme case where someone is trying to set a world record. But a world record can be dangerous.