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F 1. FIA President Michael Schumacher spoke.  "I didn't leave him alone"

F 1. FIA President Michael Schumacher spoke. “I didn’t leave him alone”

Jean Todd was Ferrari’s boss at the time when Michael Schumacher dominated the F1. Currently, the French are part of a small group that can visit Germany. The 52-year-old is recovering from an accident in late 2013.

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Jean Todd and Michael Schumacher had a special relationship. They both joined Ferrari in the 1990s to lead the Italian team to the top of Formula 1, and after many trials they won. They enjoyed five “Shumi” championship titles in the 2000-2004 seasons.

Having struggled to recover from a skiing accident in the French Alps, it is not surprising that Corinna Schumacher allowed the French to see her husband without fail. This happened in December 2013.

– I see Michael at least twice a month. I did not leave him alone. He, Corinna, his family – we have all met many times together and shared experiences. Our experiences are beautiful, they are part of us, and they continue, ”Dorit Courier told Della Cera.

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The Schumacher family has kept the former F1 world champion’s perfect health a secret for years. In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Todd declined to comment on how Germany currently feels.

Instead, FIA President Mick Schumacher talked about it. Michael’s son is making his F1 debut for Haas this year. – He is humble and polite. For now though his ambitions have been defined by a non-competitive car – the rated toad.

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However, Mick Schumacher did not show up when he collided with Haas’s car during a training session at the Monaco GP on Saturday, which prevented him from taking part in the next qualifying round. – An adventure is great, two is already more than one. The season is not over yet, but Nico Rosberg, the 2016 F1 World Champion Sky, is estimated to be performing better than other Monaco players.

Instead Ralph Schumacher defended his nephew. – Yes, I am his uncle, but we all make mistakes. We will stop that criticism because we are not both in the same car as Mick is now, ”he said.

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