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F1 23 brings back the campaign mode and expands the player’s event options

EA continues the campaign mode with a new story in F1 23, bringing back characters and introducing new challengers

May 23rd
– 7:51 pm

(updated at 8:27 p.m.)

Campaign mode back F123, along with a new hub for content and events. With a new video clip talking about the game, the Electronic Arts He gave more details on Ponto de Braking 2, the story mode that was there In the 2021 version of the game It marks the return of well-known characters and introduces new challengers with stories based on true stories.

Image: Disclosure/Electronic Arts/Canaltech

Aiden Jackson returns as the protagonist, now acting alongside rival Devon Buttler on the fictional Konnersport Racing team. Throughout the action of the 2022 and 2023 seasons of Formula 1, the duo works hard to establish themselves in a very challenging class, while dealing with the arrival of Callie Meyer, the Formula 2 champion and opponent’s sister, who is also ready to show what she’s come to. to. Between races, the player follows the moments in the paddock and testimonials in the best style Driving for a livingfrom Netflix.

To create the character, the development team at Codemasters enlisted the support of Jimmy Chadwick, a three-time W Series World Champion whose story served as the basis for the fictional plot. Today, she’s a development driver for Williams, also contributing a behind-the-scenes look at Formula 1 and the pressures athletes face in one of the world’s most restrictive sports.

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Braking Point 2 introduces a new team to the network, with fictional characters working alongside sports stars. Completing the campaign awards the player experience points and also contributes to the season pass (or platform pass, as it’s called) F123while those who pre-order the game will also be able to use the heroes in my squad mode.

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Speaking of development, Electronic Arts also showcased F1 World. The new content center takes it even further Uninteresting ideas seen in F122which combines the multiplayer experience with single-player modes, which has also gained new online integrations in the form of weekly and daily events that add variety to the experience.

In addition to the traditional tests that simulate a real racing weekend, in F1 World the player will also find a progression system, earning technology points to improve his car and enabling him to reach more challenging stages. Supercars also return in special events, as do team and sponsor management elements that now apply to more gameplay elements.

in an unusual novelty, F123 It also adds a sticker album by default, with stickers that record classic Formula 1 moments and are enabled according to race progress. The game will, of course, also give access to Esports tournaments and bring a new system of skill-based divisions for ranked multiplayer matches, with victories as well as behavior in tests ensuring progression.

F123 It is scheduled to be released on June 16th on PC. Playstation 4And Xbox OneAnd Xbox Xbox X that it S Series that it ps5.

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