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Fabio Capello: “Mourinho was the last foreigner to succeed in Italy.”

Fabio Capello: “Mourinho was the last foreigner to succeed in Italy.”

Fabio Capello, the former Milan coach, opposed hiring a foreign coach, at a time when the Italian press is referring to the names of Sergio Conceicao and Paulo Fonseca as possible successors to Stefano Pioli next season. To strengthen his position, the experienced coach says that the last foreign coach to succeed in the Italian League was Jose Mourinho, when he led Inter Milan from 2008 to 2010.

The former Italian coach believes that it is unreasonable for experienced coaches, such as Antonio Conte and Maurizio Sarri, to be without a club, or for others, such as Maximiano Allegri, to be constantly questioned.

“Victorious Italian coaches are little sought after. Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about foreigners and young up-and-coming technicians, such as De Rossi [Roma]Gilardino [Génova] Or paladino [Monza]. Maybe it's the directors' idea to look for something new and different but also cheap. Used products are less popular,” highlights the 77-year-old coach in his statements La Gazzetta dello Sport.

As for foreign coaches, Capello believes that they have only succeeded in the past. “Who came from abroad to win in Italy? Liedholm, Boscov and Ericsson are some examples, but they are many years old. Since 2000, Mourinho is the only one who has managed that, and that's saying something. We look around and see Thiago Motta [Bolonha] At home, ready to face the big teams.”

In the case of Milan specifically, with Stefano Pioli's departure confirmed at the end of the season, Capello is analyzing his potential successor. “It depends on what the club wants, the idea it has and the type of football it wants to see on the field. We've talked about experience, but it also takes courage. If Berlusconi had not had that, Milan would not have had Sacchi, Capello or Ancelotti at all.” In conclusion, Capello, who managed Milan in the 1980s and 1990s, came up with a suggestion. “There are young coaches who are doing a good job.” De Zerbi [Brighton] He is sponsored by Guardiola, he already did well at Sassuolo, and now he is going through more difficulties. He won the Super Cup in Ukraine and is arguably an experienced Italian. Today, to coach Milan or Juventus, you have to know a lot of things.

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