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Facebook and Instagram encourage iOS users to enable tracking

With launch iOS 14.5 The headache for the software giants has arrived, indeed an Apple Submit your appeal Application tracking transparency, Which basically gives users the choice of whether or not they want an app to be able to track them. This does not completely cancel it Trace, But it puts the choice in users’ hands, which is a good thing when it comes to privacy.

However, the The social networking site Facebook You expect users to allow them to track you. Researcher Ashkan Sultani first discovered, and Facebook appears Instagram It now shows popup messages for users who have installed iOS 14.5 on their device. In these pop-ups, they encourage users to enable app tracking for their apps.

Facebook is asking users to activate tracking

We assume it’s fair to at least ask users to give them a chance, but some have problems picking words in popups. Basically, Facebook and Instagram require users to enable app tracking to keep their services free, as if they are suggesting that if they don’t, there’s a chance they’ll end up charging users for their services. Truth be told, what does Facebook gain if everyone decides to block tracking? Nothing at all … you’ll soon have to charge your application fee.

However, this is a rather gray area. Apple previously stated that it will block apps that try to reward users who enable tracking, but as we said, it’s a gray area here, because that’s not really a bonus.

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