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Facebook deletes news posting module in Australia

EFE.- Facebook lifted this Friday The siege last week on news coverage in Australia, After approval in the Canberra parliament yesterday, large technology companies are forcing the local media to negotiate to pay for their newspaper content.

From early morning, some Accessed by 13 million Facebook users in Australia For media accounts such as public ABC and SBS, private channels 9 and 7 and the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age newspapers, among other media, Share your messages casually.

During the siege, which lasted about 8 days, Media pages appeared without content, Any attempt to share a press link created an announcement where the platform explained the reasons for its action.

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Facebook complained about a series of articles on the bill that day, aimed at forcing technology companies to reach fee agreements with the media for the content they create.

The decision, which was imposed on the morning of February 18, was announced by Facebook and the Australian government on Tuesday, the same day it was issued. Amendments to the Controversial Content Payment Act, Approval is pending, to give more space to negotiate with social networking and Google media.

The law, it is A pioneer in introducing a bond arbitrator as a last resort to set a fee for the media, Produced as a result of investigations by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Advertising revenue inequality between technology and media in Australia.

In its final report on digital sites released by the ACC in December 2019, they said that in 2017 they accumulated 51 per cent of advertising spending in Australia, which is one of the most concentrated democracies in media rights, with Rupert Murdoch’s news team having a strong presence.

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Google and Facebook have already signed separate agreements with major local media outletsSome departments, such as unions and professionals, fear that small and independent organizations will be left out of the game.

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