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Facebook turns around - stops special treatment

Facebook turns around – stops special treatment

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Facebook plans to remove guidelines giving politicians special protections for posting content that others aren’t allowed to post, the tech site reports. the edge.

The change comes at the same time that Facebook plans to present its response to the recommendation of the organization’s independent supervisory board.

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The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, was banned from social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram after the bloody attack on Congress on January 6. In early May, Facebook’s supervisory board said the company had six months to decide whether to allow Trump to return to the platform.

More freedom

In recent years, Facebook has struggled over how to enforce violations of its guidelines for what can be published when world leaders and politicians are the ones who break the rules. Facebook and Twitter have long been writing to politicians much more freedom to express themselves than other users المستخدمين Reuters.

In its statement on Trump, the Board of Moderators also advised that the same rules should apply to all users. The council noted that heads of state and other government officials have more power and can do more harm.

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has long argued that the company should not edit politicians’ statements. This exception is justified by the fact that what politicians say has news value.

But in the United States, Facebook’s practices have led to great resentment among Trump supporters and opponents.

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– Machine

Trump’s critics believe he has been allowed to spread lies to large sections of the population.

“Facebook is a machine that spreads disinformation in exchange for payment, and it will not be held responsible for the role it plays in the security of democracy and the people,” Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren wrote on Twitter in May.

Trump supporters believe huge tech giants are watching him. This criticism has only grown stronger since it was expelled from all major social media platforms in January.

Trump ally Jim Jordan wrote, ‘divide them’ Twitter May.

It remains unclear whether Trump will be allowed to return to the podium. The former president shut down his 29-day-old blog on Wednesday, but indicated that he plans to start his own media platform.