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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will have new AI tools

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will have new AI tools

Tech giant Meta will launch the capabilities of its new artificial intelligence system, LLaMA 3. The idea is that users can ask a virtual assistant for help in completing tasks and obtaining information.

Starting Thursday, tech giant Meta will begin integrating new versions of its AI technology into its Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps. The update will begin rolling out in more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United States.

The software, called LLaMA 3, according to The New York Times, will become practically ubiquitous — in news feeds, in search bars, and in conversations with friends. The idea is that users can ask for help from a virtual assistant to complete tasks and obtain information.

“With LLaMA 3, Meta AI becomes the smartest assistant available for free,” Zuckerberg said in an interview. “And because we've reached the level of quality we're aiming for, we'll now make it more prominent and easier to use across all of our apps.”

This is Meta's biggest AI launch to date after last year it introduced generative AI tools into its social networks – albeit in a limited way. In September, the company debuted a series of chatbots and AI characters that can hold conversations with users.

According to the company that owns Facebook, Meta Assistant will be the only chatbot that integrates real-time search results from Bing and Google. You will also have the ability to create high-resolution images and create animations (basically animated images) in real time.