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Facebook's parent company loses in court and may have to sell Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook’s parent company loses in court and may have to sell Instagram and WhatsApp

Later From justice in North America to give right to Facebook, today dead, in June 2021, prevent the sale Instagram e The WhatsAppThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “returned to charge” in August of that year, once again filing its complaint against the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, this time with more evidence. Months later, the court hearing the case has now ruled in favor of the Federal Trade Commission.

as the decision From Judge James Boasberg of the District Court for the District of Columbia, the FTC can now file an antitrust case against the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, which could force it to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. In August, the Federal Trade Commission accuse The company acquired both platforms, which were previously its “competitors”, illegally in order to maintain its monopoly.

In October last year, Meta appealed to the US court for not considering the FTC’s complaint, arguing that the arguments presented had no factual support and that the entity was unable to prove that the company acted illegally. With the new court ruling, the appeal was dismissed.

The antitrust case against Meta’s practices may continue, but the FTC will have to provide more evidence to be able to force the company to sell the platforms.

in the data ao Washington PostChris Sgro, a spokesman for Meta, says the company believes future evidence provided by the FTC will show “weakness of its own arguments.” “Our investments in Instagram and WhatsApp have transformed the platforms into what they are today,” the spokesperson asserts.

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