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Famalicão OPA 10.5 million has launched more than 79 properties – Imobiliário

It is expected that the Council of Vila Nova de Famalicão will approve, next Thursday, January 26, in an executive meeting, the launch of the Acquisition Offer Procedure (OPA), in the amount of 10.5 million euros, for the purchase of 79 properties for rent. Under the first law program.

The municipality, led by Mario Passos, therefore intends to “accelerate the start of the implementation of the Housing Access Support Program, celebrated in partnership with the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) and totaling 62 million in order to improve the living conditions of more than 800 families in the municipality,” the municipality revealed in statment.

The OPA provides for the purchase of nine residential dwellings already built (4 T2 and 5 T3), “in good conditions of maintenance and ready to move into, without the need in advance to carry out rehabilitation work”, and 70 dwellings of construction or under construction (8 T1 houses and 21 T2, 35 T3 and 6 T4).

“All fireworks will be directed at the beneficiaries of the Act I Program / Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PRR),” confirms the Famalicão Chamber.

“This is a structural problem that deserves a strong and strong response from us and this public takeover offer is a big small step that we are taking in this direction. Our housing stock is insufficient for demand and the rental and purchase values ​​are very high and we know that this has been an obstacle for many people, especially for young people who are unable to implement projects of their lives Mario Passos confirms.

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According to the notice, the municipality notes, “For the purpose of determining the price to be paid for the purchase of the proposed housing, the municipality will consider the product of gross area projected by the last average value of sales per square meter of new family housing, by the municipality, disclosed by the National Institute of Statistics,” capacity To submit proposals for the sale of housing to natural or legal persons, public or private.

Câmara de Famalicão indicates that it has 62 million euros to invest over six years in the improvement of housing in the province, under the cooperation agreement signed last October with the Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation (IHRU) for the implementation of the first right.

According to the municipality, “the signed agreement will make it possible to improve the living conditions of more than 800 families in the municipality,” and the support should allow financing, “at 100%, housing solutions for 817 families in the municipality, corresponding to 2,947 people who do not have the financial capacity to support cost of acquiring adequate housing and who have already been identified in the local housing strategy diagnosis as potential candidates for the first right.”