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FAMEL is back and now it's eco-friendly - Ecology

FAMEL is back and now it’s eco-friendly – Ecology

The year was 1975 and the roar of the recently launched Famel XF-17 spread across Portugal, which became more than just a cult motorcycle in the following decades. Songs, photos and logos were dedicated to him, becoming one of the symbols of the country at the end of the twentieth century, until the closure of the brand in 2002.

Re-launched in 2017, Famel has been developing the new model: “It was a long process, because we wanted to ensure not only the quality of the final product, but also the fidelity to the model that has delighted fans of the brand for decades. For decades, Joel Sousa, (re)founder says Famel: “We are very pleased with the result.”

The new E-XF has two models, Café Racer (fits one passenger only) and Classic (for two riders), both of which can come in two versions, the equivalent of 50 and 125 cc, with discretionary prices between. 4499 euros and 5899 euros. The 50cc model has an estimated range of 70 km (up to 120 km with a second battery) while the 125cc model, with two batteries, has an estimated range of 120 km.

Both models, in their 125 edition, also have an exclusive and limited Ambassador Edition, numbered 1 to 300, with unique design details and will be the first to be delivered in the first place. From 2023, the remainder is estimated to be delivered for the second quarter.

The total estimated value of the Ambassador Edition is €5,499 and the pre-order value is €600, and reservations made at Expomoto will have a 10% discount on the total value of the motorcycle.

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FAMEL is back and is now eco-friendly “data-title =” FAMEL is back and now eco-friendly – FAMEL is back and now eco-friendly – SAPO Lifestyle “>

Fun facts about the new FAMEL E-XF

– It costs less than 1 euro to charge while the full charging process – from 0% to 100% – takes an average of 5 hours;

– new models reach 100 km / h;

– The main difference between the Café Racer model and the Classic model is the driving position and the number of seats: Café Racer has one passenger and the Classic has two seats;

The Ambassador Edition – offered at Expomoto – is a limited edition, and subject to availability, the customer can choose his or her favorite number between 1 and 300.

What is faml?

FAMEL was one of the largest motorcycle companies in Portugal between the 1960s and 1980s with a factory based in Agueda. To this day, they are widely known as “FAMEL Zündapp”, as they used engines from the German motorcycle manufacturer Zündapp.

FAMEL has produced numerous models that have dominated the Portuguese sales market for nearly three decades. The legendary XF-17, the brand’s most emblematic motorcycle, is equipped with a 5-speed Zündapp 7.1 hp engine and cooled by air or water.

Zündapp’s bankruptcy in 1984 damaged FAMEL, which relied heavily on this company’s engines, and it ended up in bankruptcy in 2002. The last model was released in 1997, identified as FAMEL Electron, which would have been a market leader Electric motorcycles.

In 2014, the brand revitalization project and electric prototype development, by Joel Sousa, founder of the brand, was announced. This plan is based on several phases – concept development, then the homogenization prototype development phase, and later, the market launch phase – culminating in May 2022 with the first public presentation of E-XF at Expomoto. , in Exponor.