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Families running away from credit — DNOTICIAS.PT

Families running away from credit — DNOTICIAS.PT

Families running away from credit. This is the news that makes the headlines in the edition of DIÁRIO de Notícias da Madeira on Thursday, February 22. Since 2009, banks have provided little money to businesses, including households in Madeiran, as in 2023.

The featured photograph relates to the National Hotel and Tourism Conference. Hospitality seeks to overcome challenges. At the opening of the 34th National Hotel and Tourism Congress, which continues until tomorrow in Funchal, several speakers such as the President of AHP warned of the quality of service provided, which is characterized by labor shortages and the need to import immigrants.

Other highlights:

PSD goes it alone against everyone. Albuquerque got rid of its partner CDS and promised to compete in “Regionals” without alliances. Raul Perestrillo is the only one who has so far stood up to the leader, but there are two other potential candidates.

4 reasons dictated the acquittal of the accused in the Monty case.

Finally, president JP wants José Manuel Rodriguez to become the new leader of the CDS party.

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