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Family and Nike help Cristiano Ronaldo return to Sporting

Family and Nike help Cristiano Ronaldo return to Sporting

FifthRumors raising the possibility that Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Sporting, the club he was “born” into, soccer, next year 2022, as the contract that keeps him tied to Juventus is gaining more and more succumbing to.

After the Italian newspapers reported that the Portuguese international player wanted to “hang his shoes” in Alfaladi, it was the turn of Tuesday, the newspaper “Record” to list the reasons that might help in carrying out this operation.

The post writes that the 36-year-old striker is still on the agenda of some of the world’s greatest teams, but few will be able to afford his paycheck, something that he himself would be willing to sacrifice to return to play. A lion in his chest.

In parallel, there is a chance that Madiran will head to a parallel championship, with more financial power, but poor competitiveness is something he does not like, as he believes he will be able to continue to shine in the biggest stages up to 40 years.

There are also two other factors to bear in mind: the fact that the family is “fanatical” to Sporting, so they support a return to Alfalad, as well as the fact that, starting next season, they will both be participating in the Nike Sports Company brand. Equipment as a sponsor.

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