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Family doctors warn of the importance of vaccination for life

The president of the association, Nuno Jacinto, said, “This epidemic has emphasized the importance of vaccination and immunization against dangerous diseases,” stressing that vaccines are “one of the most effective and effective public health measures”, which prevent many diseases, some of which are fatal and the vast majority are infectious.

Speaking to Lusa about the European Immunization Week, which begins today, the official pointed out that vaccination is important not only in childhood, but also in adulthood, with influenza, pneumococcal and tetanus vaccines given as an example.

“We are very used to vaccination, especially in childhood, and we question less, but vaccination for adults is also present. (…) Most vaccines are made in the first years of life, but we already have vaccinations in the National Immunization Program. [PNV] For adolescents, like HPV, now also for boys and pneumococcal patients at risk and the elderly. ”

Realizing that many vaccines are administered in early childhood, which “allowed for the control of many infectious diseases and reduced the rate of infant mortality and disease,” the Association President noted, however, that vaccination “is always effective and throughout life.”

He believes that it is necessary to “continue to convey the message of calm, confidence, and the importance of vaccines,” which were among the priorities of primary health care.

“This has always been a priority area in primary health care. We have always had this concern to keep PNV vaccination and vaccinations to the fullest extent, just as they have been described. It has always been an indication that we have provided:“ If you have a vaccine, please don’t delay Vaccination, “he said.

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The expert realizes that with the epidemic there was some fear of going to health units, and at first, some stopped vaccinating, but he says that he managed to recover in 2020 and that the information he has is that in 2021 “things are going as planned.”

“It is one of the priority areas in the resumption of primary care activity, and therefore it is one of the areas that we give our full attention which, it is clear that we will continue to preserve, regardless of the evolution of the pandemic, because we cannot neglect others. Diseases and we cannot neglect vaccination,” he said.

As for influenza vaccines, he considers them necessary “especially in high-risk groups,” stressing that in most other cases it is a mild and self-limited disease, everyone knows how to identify it and even apply the preventive measures that have entered the routine. The cause of the pandemic is valid for all infectious diseases: wearing a mask, distance, respiratory etiquette, and avoiding contact with others when symptoms appear.

“Especially in high-risk groups, in the elderly and those with immunodeficiency. In these, it is extremely beneficial to insist on this vaccination, because we are not talking about such simple diseases, we can have serious complications, hospitalization, and even death.” He said.

Nono Jacinto recalls that even in vaccines against Covid-19, with all the doubts about side effects, “vaccination far exceeds the risks that exist.”

The official said: “In fact, these vaccines were developed in record time, which is a much shorter time than usual in these matters. But the truth is that scientific evidence and data indicate enormous benefits,” adding: “And we have and we have already seen this, with a decrease in the number of Vaccinated populations, hospitalizations, critical illnesses and deaths. ”

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