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Family drama of SIC farmer Louis Vigao: A father betrayed and deceived by a mother - Nacional

Family drama of SIC farmer Louis Vigao: A father betrayed and deceived by a mother – Nacional

Luis Figao is one of the contestants for the new season of “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agriculture?”, of SIC, with her heart being, for the time being, put on display, disputed by three suitors – Andrea, Sarah and Tatiana, after Meri has left the Cabeço de Vide estate, Alentejo – But the theme of love would not be very comfortable for the farmer’s father, who lived the story of a TV series about his divorce from Carla Moraes, Louis’s mother.

Speaking to TV Guia, João Luís explains:“Everyone told me that Carla cheated on me with another man and that my daughter was not mine, but I did everything so that I could not believe it and paid what was necessary until the moment of truth came”, he says, referring to 4-year-old Erica.

And I have [Luís Feijão] He started dating a sister like this five years ago and Carla got in touch with him. The girl was born, I registered it in my name. When he was about 10 months old, we christened cachopa. Everyone told me the girl wasn’t mine, I didn’t want to believe it. I was embarrassed,” he ended up saying, noting that when Erica was 18 months old, Carla Morris tried to take him away from home and live there with her new partner, Fabio Telles.

These episodes lead to the irreversible deterioration of the relationship between Louis Figao and his mother.He was never relieved of the new friend’s occupation of the house who was also his father, “Even our son Daniel, who is 18, prefers to live with me in the house I rent with his mother and the other one,” concluded Joao Luis.

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The full story is in this week’s edition of TV Guia, already on newsstands.

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