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Family: Pedro Alves is SAD's trump card in attacking the market

Family: Pedro Alves is SAD's trump card in attacking the market

The technical director does not hold any corporate position, he only helps the Minho logo structure prepare for next season; Strong relationship with Miguel Ribeiro, President, and Andre Villas-Boas, Sports Director, based on partnership

Pedro Alves is the new SAD advisor in Famalicão.

The 41-year-old captain does not hold any institutional position in the Vila Nova logo, he is merely a support for the Famalicense structure in preparation for next season.

The in-depth knowledge of national and international football that Pedro Alves has, in parallel with the friendly and close relationship that he has with Miguel Ribeiro (President of SAD) and Andre Villas-Boas (Sporting Director), is the reason behind this partnership, whose collaboration is mainly aimed at strengthening the resources of Famalicão In attacking the transfer market for the 2024/2025 season.

It is worth noting that Pedro Alves recently left his position as sporting director at Olympiacos – who led his team's rebuilding project this season that culminated in winning the conference league – and before that, he also held the same positions at Estoril.

“Carmo was the reinforcement that gave the greatest amount of joy...and apology.”

Pedro Alves reveals that initially he didn't even want to take David Carmo to Olympiacos; Chiquinho influence, but not only; The invitations that actually appeared after bidding farewell to Greece (Part Two)

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