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Famous actor's "Colors of Happiness" bid farewell: "We share with you a tragedy that is hard to express" :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Famous actor’s “Colors of Happiness” bid farewell: “We share with you a tragedy that is hard to express” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The 2500th episode of “Colors of Happiness” should be marked by joy and happiness – however, recent events this time around – with nostalgia and great sadness, all due to the death of the actors. Series. Product released a moving farewell …

Jan Pczek is dead – this information will appear during the summer holidays. Theater, series and film actor who died on July 28, 2021 at the age of 71. According to the media, Jan Pczek has been battling bone marrow cancer for the last months of his life.

The “Colors of Happiness” actor has died. John Pcheck died after a long illness

Jan Pczek is dead, an actor known from the “Barwy szczcia” series and the boards of the Contemporary Theater in Warsaw. As it was reported, the actor struggled with an incurable disease in the last months of his life. Recently, it had to face …

Zenon Grzelak familiar to the audience of the Jan Pczek series – well-liked post from the series: “Colors of Happiness”. The actor appeared in production from the beginning and gained public recognition. The death of the star was a huge blow to loved ones, but was also in the making of “Colors …” which produced the moving memory of the deceased. On TV screens, Jan Pczek will appear in the 2500th episode of the series that aired on TVP 2 on Wednesday, October 27th. In the episode mentioned, Xenon contacted his friend Stephen Kirk and told him about coming to the birthday party. That’s when viewers last saw the TV series Zenon.

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Product commemorates Jan Pczek’s death: “Getting out is not easy”

The production of “Colors of Happiness” decided to reminisce about the actor once again by releasing a short video on the web that collected “clippings from the reality of the series”, i.e. scenes of Geneck.

egna si is never easy. It is also difficult to realize irreparable loss. The last Mr. on screen today. We met John Picek. We share with you a few colorful memories and sadness that are hard to express. Thank you for being with us today – The description says.

In the last episode of the series: “Colors of Happiness”, there were two actors who are no longer with us: Pawe Nowisz, who plays Fryderyk Struzik, died on October 15 this year, while Stefan – Krzysztof Kiersznowski – passed away last Sunday: October 24.

Krzysztof Kiersznowski is dead. Eknaz Vsky’s stars from “Killer”. “Pko heart”

Krzysztof Kiersznowski is dead – the theater will be handed over by the theater on Sunday. Famous Polish film, television and drama actor, he passed away at the age of 70. News of his death shocked colleagues in the industry. Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Say Goodbye to Others Caesar …