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Famous Big Brother.  From football to soap operas, what is known about competitors - Big Brother

Famous Big Brother. From football to soap operas, what is known about competitors – Big Brother

In 2022, there’s more “big brother,” but this time with celebrities. The reality show will arrive on TVI on January 2nd and a lot has been speculated about who the 13 contenders will be in the competition.

Maria SampaioValquíria “Festa é Festa”, actress Helena Laureano and model Gonzalo Teixeira have been confirmed, The second progression toTV moreIt is also alleged that the actor Nuno Homem de Sá agreed to enter into the format, and his participation would be the most expensive – about two thousand euros.

This week, on “BB Extra” on Monday, December 20, Flávio Furtado made a statement that set the internet on fire. “From January onwards, you will understand what it means to be confined to a home,” she said, addressing Merch Romero. – Who participated in “A Quinta” in 2015 – and left viewers convinced that the current version’s commentator will participate.

Bruno de Carvalho It was the most mentioned name in the digital world and in the press. In early December, he confirmed that he had not yet been invited and that he only entered with his “partner” Joao Cuadros. However, according to “new people“, The former Sporting boss has already confirmed his place as a competitor to the “famous big brother”..

The magazine also adds that Cristina Ferreira will be leading the coordinated Sunday parties. So far, Queluz de Baixo has announced only the date of the premiere, January 2, and that there will be 13 competitors in the game, without confirming any information about the identity of the competitors or the presenter.

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Presenters of the current version, Claudio Ramos and Manuel Luis Josha, are planning to take a few days off at the beginning of the year, which is why they have moved away from managing the program.

Browse the gallery and see who has been chosen as the contender for “Big Brother Famosos”.