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Fans criticize WWE for ending Hell in a Cell

Fans criticize WWE for ending Hell in a Cell

a The main event Act Hell in the Dungeon of Domingo’s Destruction was between the WWE hero bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre, in a Hell in a Cell match which states that if the Scottish Warrior is defeated, the latter will not be able to fight again for the WWE Championship while All Mighty was the champion.

What we had was a good match between the two fighters, but in the end it ended with the MVP distraction, allowing Bobby Lashley to win the match with roll up And so he kept his title.

After the match, many fans complained on social media that Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship was fine, but Bobby Lashley’s win with roll up Rather than an interesting ending or seeing the MVP step in, it goes against what should be a Hell in a Cell match.

However, the MVP actually came to defend the end of the match saying that it was Drew McIntyre who wanted to fight inside Hell in a Cell and that this match had no disqualification, so he could intervene.

Were you also disappointed with the end of the match between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre?

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