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Fans were disgusted with Roy Unas after the praise (and interview) with Thomas Tavira

Fans were disgusted with Roy Unas after the praise (and interview) with Thomas Tavira

RUi Unas revealed on his Instagram account on Wednesday, April 21, his last interview: Architect Thomas Tavira.

Commenting on a photo he shared on the social platform, the artist and comedian said:

“Icon. Tomás Taveira. 82 years. A man cannot be defined only by the mistakes he made in life. To speak for an hour with architect Tomás Taveira is to know a free spirit, enormous culture, sense of humor and reference. Absolute in architecture in Portugal. If you go” To Maluco Beleza … it’s Maluco Beleza therefore ‘.

The post provided by Roy Unas has been deleted.© Instagram – Roy Unas

However, these words were not well received by the majority of his followers, who were careful to express their discontent and rebellion.

“No !!!! Absolutely not !!!! I don’t want to know anything more about this person, thank you!” ; “Only for the terrible mistakes she made? Unas, what a disappointment! Except for a follower! You will study!” ; “He tells me someone else is in profound shock with this post and questions all admiration for Onas’ work and common sense.” Nonsense in life? Some comments were made: “When a midlife crisis strikes so much that it promotes sex offenders.”

There was also no shortage of reactions to this post on Twitter. Rita Marfa de Carvallo was among the people who commented on the topic:

Others follow …

With the post already deleted and facing the wave of criticism, Roy Unas provided the following explanation: “It’s actually complicated, and I will never be able to fully explain what I meant. But the picture, the image, always has a message. If the message is misinterpreted by many and even goes against your principles, it is better to portray that – and correct us humbly. I think they know they know. Enough to know which side of the trench I’m in. “

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