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Fapeam and Sedecti take action to advance science, technology and innovation in Amazonas

Fapeam and Sedecti take action to advance science, technology and innovation in Amazonas

CT&I procedures should take place in the coming months

take photo: Eriko Xavier / Fabim

The Administration of Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Amazonas (Fapeam), received, on Friday (05/06), the delegation of the Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti), at the Fapeam headquarters, in the neighborhood of Flores, South Central Region. The purpose of the meeting was to share the Foundation’s programs and activities with the new Secretary Angelus Figueira.

Among the activities offered are the celebration of 19 years of Fapeam, to be held on May 18, and the Forum of the National Council of State Institutions in Support of Research (Confap) held jointly with the National Council of State Secretaries to CT&I Matters (Consecti), in Manaus, in June.

Another agenda for the meeting was to hold seminars aimed at disseminating the results and developments in research, which are in progress and finalization in the various areas of knowledge, which were developed with the support of the Amazonas government, through Fapeam.

Marcia Perales Mendes Silva, Administrator of President Fabim, highlighted Governor Wilson Lima’s determination for direct and indirect governing bodies to work together. “We will also work very hard with Minister Angelos’ team to advance public policy on science, technology and innovation in the state of Amazonas. And our talk was about this, how can we work and intensify these actions,” he said.

For Secretary Angelus Figueira, the partnership between the two institutions leads to actions by a government that contemplates solutions for the people. There is no solution without science and technology. This is a modern vision for the management of the Amazon region. He said that this is the path of economic development aimed at the scientific and technological knowledge of the state.

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Also participating in the meeting, through Fapeam, Scientific Technical Director Marcia Irene Mavenier; Managing Director and Finance Luiz Ferreira Neves Neto. from Sedecti, Executive Secretary for Economic Development, Valdenor Cardoso; Chief of Staff Diego Motta.