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Fapesb has launched a public notice supporting science in schools – Jornal da Chapada

Science support is critical to the development of young scientists. Therefore, the best place to train these new researchers is in schools. Therefore, the Public Notice of Innovation in Education, published in the Official Gazette this Tuesday (5), by the Foundation for Research Support of the State of Bahia (Fapesb), associated with the Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Secti). ), to encourage the development of research and innovation in state schools. The Public Notice investment, which has the support of the Ministry of Education (Sec), is over R$2 million and is available on the Public Notices tab of the Fapesb website.

Innovation in Education is part of the Bahia Competition Program, which aims to increase investment in science, technology and innovation (CTI) in the state. A good example of the importance of promoting the scientific field in schools is the projects presented by students at the 9th Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fair in Bahia (Vesepa). Students represented Iran Oliveira, Ayla Souza and Diogo dos Santos, who developed an insecticide from cassava leaves, as well as students Amanda Alves, Stephanie Soares and Felipe Messias, who used yam to produce bioplastics.

The sect’s interim secretary, Mara Souza, highlights the importance of public notice to promote and fund innovative ideas. “Assessment and promotion of science needs to start from the early years of training for boys and girls. With this public notice, we are supporting the Ministry of Education in another important action targeting our youth. We have great scholars in our state and we seek to discover new and young scholars, with the certainty that science is an essential part of The development of any country. Innovation in education is further evidence of the state government’s commitment to science in the hearts of our youth.”

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According to Marcio Costa, General Manager of Fapesb, in addition to promoting science, the public notice aims to improve students’ performance in technological fields. “Encouraging and empowering them to engage with all the tools that technology management represents today, such as the concepts of project management, intellectual property and protection of creativity, can make such a huge difference that there is a significant improvement of what has already been produced. We need to create incentives in the public network and I think this notice The year is a good motivator,” he said.

For Fapesb’s Director of Innovation, Handerson Leite, bringing a student closer to science and technology can pay dividends for the state’s future. Through public notice and other incentives, young people can discover a career. “I remember a public school student, from elementary school II, he went to visit the Ifba innovation center, in the technology park, and on his way out looking for me with his eyes shining, because he wanted to know how to work there. His spontaneity was so beautiful and there are many bright eyes that we hope to Get it through public notices like these,” he predicted. With advisory information.