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Farewell to 'Big Brother' Christina Ferreira chooses a dress honoring competitions - Big Brother

Farewell to ‘Big Brother’ Christina Ferreira chooses a dress honoring competitions – Big Brother

Cristina Ferreira, in white, kicked off the TVI evening show on Sunday. The “Big Brother” format returned on January 2, with “Big Brother Famosos 1”, followed by “Big Brother Famosos 2” and currently “Big Brother – Final Challenge”, which began on April 24 and ends on Sunday, June. Fifth.

Six weeks later, they were many of The fashion chosen by the presenter to live from. To conclude with flourishes, he chose white again, but this time with a twist. It is a long dress without patterns and a collar to the navel. The skirt consists of a kind of unusual feather.

“They are all with me today. They were embroidered on this dress, one by one, all of them, without exception. I remember once again the courage of those who participated in a program like this”, referring to competitors who have gone through the three versions of the format. The names Kasha and Bernardo Souza are surrounded by tiny diamonds, especially after they’ve won the seasons.

Earlier in the day, TVI’s director of entertainment and fantasy already told her followers some of what they can expect from this latest look. “End. Today. White.” , wrote in a comment on an Instagram post. Uncover the model, black and white photos shared.

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