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Father's heartbreak: Tony Carrera's tears and cruel silence, in an interview with Josha-Nacional

Father’s heartbreak: Tony Carrera’s tears and cruel silence, in an interview with Josha-Nacional

On Monday, May 17, after TVI’s Jornal das 8, Tony Carrera will conduct the first and only postmortem interview of his daughter Sarah Carrera, 21, in a car accident on the A1 on December 5. This achievement is not due to Christina Ferrera, not even Manuel Luis Gucha, but rather Hugo Andrade, Tony Carrera’s friend for many years, who managed to persuade the singer to speak to the station. “They have a tremendous relationship of trust, friendship and respect, even since Hugo was director of programs at RTP (2011 to 2015),” they justify.

The conversation with Manuel Luis Josha was approved without any interference from Christina Ferreira because Tony loves the presenter so much he is considered “tough and emotional.”

According to a TVI source, “Approximately 45 minutes of a lot of emotion, tears between questions and answers”, and what will impress viewers will be the singer’s “sometimes frightening” silence. It should be noted that recently (on May 2) Tony Carrera announced the birth of the Sarah Carrera Foundation in SIC, aiming not only to honor the singer but also to help children with scholarships.

Among the association’s guests, as well as family members and friends, are Catarina Furtado, Manuel Luis Josha, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernanda Serrano and SIC itself. Christina Ferrera and Evo Lucas are not on the list.

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