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Fatima Lopez in mourning: "I will miss you, especially your hug"

Fatima Lopez in mourning: “I will miss you, especially your hug”

“Do you remember Chiko Chikaya?”. thus Fatima Lopez I started giving the sad news of a friend who passed away on Wednesday 12th October. The presenter remembered the man she helped take off the streets of Lisbon and recovered with the help of the Comunidade Vida e Paz.

“Chico and I have established a very strong relationship. He called me godmother, to challenge him to leave the street and continue to accompany him every step of his life, helping in whatever he could. Chico was a very respected person in society. He was a good man. A true fellow. family “in the caption to the show where he appears with him Chico Chikaya.

“The dream of getting his documents back and being able to work and be a full-fledged citizen came true. He completed the full recovery and integration program and was already living in an apartment and working. But the disease deceived him and in just over two months, it struck him. My dear Chico Chikaya left yesterday, leaving us all in deep sorrow ” .he added.

Fatima Lopez lamented that she could not fulfill her last wish: “To take him back to his homeland, Sao Tome and Principe, to meet his children who live there”He said.

“For me, Chico was and always will be an inspiring man. Someone I had the privilege to know and be a part of his life. Someone who understands that life should always be lived with a smile, no matter what challenges you impose on us. I will miss you Chico. Especially from your embraceBeen completed.

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