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FC 08 Willington - FC Schalke 04: S04 Cheers - but it confirms the heated debate

FC 08 Willington – FC Schalke 04: S04 Cheers – but it confirms the heated debate

Finally back to the DFB file! The first round is and FC Schalke04 Is a guest FC 08 Willingdon.

It wins FC 08 Willington vs FC Schalke04 Will the cup feeling or the second division prevail without any problems?

FC 08 Willington – FC Schalke 04: What will the favorite look like?

FC 08 Willington vs FC Schalke04: We come with the game for you in live ticker. You will get all the information here before you start and do not miss any highlights.

+++ Update live ticker +++


+++ FC Schalke 04: Transfers are becoming more and more specific! S04 fans here are sensible +++


FC 08 Willington – FC Schalke 04 1: 4 (1: 1)

Door: 0: 1 Boulder (17 ‘), 1: 1 Plavi (31’), 1: 2 Jalasar (49 ‘), 1: 3 Boulder (51’), 1: 4 Mikhailov (79 ‘)



Willington: Hoksha – Siurasi, Ouaca, Peters – Bruno, Dodik, Epem – Som Nyamsi, Albrecht – Soutner, Yahyaja, Flavici

Schalke: Furman – Flick, Wouters, Kaminski – Aydin, Paulson, Owen – Trexler, Jalaser – Boulder, Derod


90 ‘ It was done on time! In the end, Schalke easily advanced to the next round. The second half shows how it works. Man of the match Balder is on target with two of his goals, but Salazar should have scored the plus points immediately.


Mikhailov adds another. But Willington will no longer defend with final consistency.

72 ‘ The replacement Bearinger wants to recommend himself and goes deeper. However, by the time it was returned, the ball had already crossed the line. Schalke is now trying to avoid mistakes from the first half and continue the game despite taking the lead.

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66 ‘ Both coaches are now switching, which slightly disrupts the flow of the game. Schalke is more optimistic now.

54 ‘ Bruno had to go down. For him, comes a player named Sonarus named Adrian Rama-Fitterfeld.

53 ‘ Willingon complains loudly. While creating, Bruno got an elbow on his face. The player needs more treatment. There is a lot of blood coming.

Too much for 51 ‘Schalke 04!

Double feet! Second meeting with Boulder. Players need to notice which load is falling on them.

49 ‘So much for Schalke 04!

The answer is yes! After taking a corner from Aydin, Torode starred in Jalasar. The newcomer hits the cockpit.

47 ‘ It sounds almost repetitive. Blavic put the flick under pressure and licked the ball away from him. Furman could only hold his shot with difficulty, and the bullet almost slipped him.

46 ‘ Restart Now it remains to be seen whether Gramosis has found the right words.

45 ‘ Half the time in Willingdon. The fans cheer, and Schalke is served.

42 ‘ Against HSV at the start of the season, Schalke was caught after a lead. Suddenly nothing anymore. Is there an uncomfortable threat here?

31 ‘So much for Willingon!

The Schalke shock is perfect. Albrecht serves wonderfully on the right and he keeps an eye on Plavy. The gate is only a matter of form. He celebrates the victory with a pyre.

29 ‘ Take a look at the new signing Salager: Frankfurt Debt is very active, demands a lot of balls and plays backwards. Gramosci should like it.

19 ‘ Derod should do it. Hoksha had already hit the ground but shot the striker keeper. An unusual sight for him.

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17 ‘So much for Schalke!

After a few minutes Boulder does it better. The striker plays one-two with Trexler and then cools down in front of Hokshaw.

16 ‘ But there is also the first Schalke opportunity. Through the diversion, the ball comes to Salazar, who lurks freely on the edge of the box, but pulls it upwards.

13 ‘ In the first few minutes Schalke was not determined enough. The housing team is completely clean so far and is harassing the miners.

6 ‘ The first degree belongs to the home team. Dadic just scored. However, the shot is harmless.

1 ‘ Here we go. Willingdon snack.

3:27 pm: Players come out of the field. The ball is rolling here.

3 p.m .: The ball will roll in exactly half an hour. Some royal blue fans gathered at the stadium.

2.34pm: There is the Schalke line. Ferryman is back, and Salazar is now making his royal blue debut. Some fans of the S04 should have expected this.

1.57 pm: Today’s game is refereed by Wolfgang Hasberger, who was primarily a referee in the third division.

Day 12:05: Before the game, Dimitrios Gromosis made a clear announcement. It’s about a coach’s plan, there has been a lot of speculation about it in the last few days >>>

10.03 am: good morning. Today it counts Schalke. Fans will believe that Naban will not enjoy the same fate as league rivals Bremen. Werter’s favorite flew at 1 in the lap yesterday.

6:14 pm: They play hard today. Here are the first results:

2.40 pm: In FC Schalke 04, the next exit could take place before the Cup game. Looks like a player is about to go to Italy.

10:22 am: Willingdon coach Marcel Yahyaijan already sees his team as winners. He told SWR: “In our environment we have already emotionally won the game.” The goal is certainly clear: “It’s time for us to go to the second round.

9.12 am: Who will be at the gate? There is one more question mark behind the use of Ralph Furman (return after isolation), Michael Langer (mild concussion). Grammozis waits for the last two training units and then wants to decide whether to start as a boatman or newcomer Martin Fries.

8.30 am: Sure, the role of the favorites is clear, but S04 coach Dimitrios Gramosis showed great respect for Willingman at a news conference on Friday: “The DFB Cup is a great match. We know what to expect: a playful very strong and variable team. Willington is not a customer. You have a young coach with clear handwriting. We meet a very motivated team that wants to beat us. Overall, we do not use to test or rotate the game. This is to send the best team to the pitch.


More about FC Schalke 04:


7:04 p.m.: The anticipation for the first round of the trophy is good – not only on FC Schalke 04, but also on Underdog. But Willingman faces a big problem ahead of the game. Here you can know all about it >>>.

Saturday, August 7th: Hello and welcome to Ticker FC 08 Villingen – FC Schalke 04. Here we will keep you updated.