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FC Bayern coup, right ?: Three questions for world star Sadio Mane

FC Bayern coup, right ?: Three questions for world star Sadio Mane

FC Bayern Lands plot, right?
Three question marks with world star Sadio Mane

By Tobias Nordman

FC Bayern have landed one of the biggest conspiracies in the club’s history. A star has arrived at Liverpool FC’s Sadio Mane amid heated and heated debate over Robert Lewandowski’s future. But the question marks come with relocation.

The list of personal question marks on FC Bayern may be longer than ever. Two question marks, excuse me, but was particularly bold. Because one thing got answered on Friday evening. FC Bayern have really confirmed themselves as a world star. Sadio Mane is from Liverpool FC. Of course it has been pointed out, but the public does not know if this mega deal, which has been so exciting at the Bundesliga for years, will actually come. The suspicions came mainly from the UK. For example, Bayern’s first offer was ridiculed as a “joke”.

This is certainly not a joke, but it is definitely a bargain in the wild market for huge sums. மில்லியன் 32 million is due to Senegal, with six million bonuses added. For a world star, a good deal for the club. Especially sick sports director Hassan Salihamidjik can see the relocation in his team planning as a release after massive criticism of his own fan whistle, experts and media swan song scenes. Can this deal eat the second question mark among record champions? The move will pave the way for Robert Lewandowski, who has been torturing Munich for weeks, reluctant to move on to another season on Säbener Straße. It is not clear. The bosses’ “pasta” is still on its way to FC Barcelona, ​​trying desperately to cut the money for the pole together.

With sums of between 40 and 50 million euros, the Munich march could give their superstar a “go” to the march. This is what is called in different media. As of now, the question mark is a bold topic on the comprehensive exchange agenda this summer. A Bayern attack with Lewandowski and Mane, it would be fascinating. One that allows for new dreams of great success. The record last season was not the weak point attack of the champions.

A different Bayern exchange

With the Senegalese players constantly training, despite his father’s football ban as a boy, the Munich team embarked on the biggest conspiracy in club history. But something different. Because the club hasn’t made a world star at the peak of his career in a long time, maybe not even. For example, players like Jerome Padeng, Serge Knabry, Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretska came very close to entering the international class. Or signed by the best footballers who became carrier dip. Very important because the best: Arjen Robben. Leroy Sane, on the other hand, somehow falls into both categories.

A statement signed by Mane. FC Bayern have been attracting some of the best footballers in Europe. This is a statement against the club’s fear of being left behind internationally. In other words: those clubs that can win the Champions League are no longer members. Mane knows how this works. Although he has only won one of three finals with Liverpool in the summer of 2019, playing three times for the handle song is quite impressive. Just like his time with the Jர்கrgen Klopp Reds. With 269 games, 120 goals and 48 assists, he is now bidding farewell to Anfield. But really why? Question mark (I) in this transfer.

It is a well-kept secret in football that successful teams need an update and change every few years. Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino have played in the English Premier League and Europe (together) for five years. With success. But at some point great depreciation occurs. On the team. In the player. His contract expires next summer. The then 31-year-old is unlikely to have a renewed and long-term extension. So the win-win situation continues this summer. Transfer fee for Liverpool FC. And a good deal for the player. And a departure as a legend. A few weeks ago Globe praised his attack “for the shape of his life.” However, the departure has not torn a hole in his squad, as Liverpool FC have planned in advance in recent years, signing now with Diego Jotta, Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunes, who is already on the squad as the “next general”.

Knucklesman factory?

Mane is a man who knows where the target is. However, he is not a classic center forward. He’s actually in the left-wing house. In other words, where Champions League hero Kingsley Common and Sane practice their craft in Munich. In 34 league games, the Globe has used Senegalese players 22 times in his regular position, and he has been allowed to play 10 times in the middle. With the win, he scored seven goals.

The question mark remains (II). How does FC Bayern really plan on being with the 30-year-old and not need him urgently because of his condition? But he can give the player in the front row, but explained differently than Lewandowski. Mane is a man for fast, flat mix games. Despite being 173 centimeters tall, his header game was not bad. Coach Julian Knucklesman may think so. Already in the second half of the season, Lewandowski is said to have regretted the different position. He is already considered a coach who does not want to work with a dominant center striker. Even at RB Leipzig, Bayer has nothing to do with Czech Patrick Schick, who has become one of the best strikers in the league at Leverkusen. And traded as an alternative to Lewandowski in Munich.

With Mane, the game that has developed over the last few years will change, unless he actually plays on the left. Less sides, more speed, more depth. He is characterized by tremendous athleticism, tremendous speed and high level of game intelligence (and his strong finish). He moves very cleverly in the gaps between the opposing midfield and the opposing defense. In other words, Thomas Mல்லller also wants to occupy those places. But they have to be tighter than island football in Germany, which is much more physical and energetic. Depending on the segment, this can lead to integration issues. A tricky task for Knucklesman.

Question mark (III) remains. Mane is 30 years old and has been playing at the highest level for six years. Prior to that, FC was strong in Southampton and FC Salzburg for four years, with an ever-increasing level. Can it be invested? Can all this be maintained? Football in particular, which compresses the power of the globe, is physically very tiring. Too dangerous for FC Bayern. The foundation of Mane’s strength is his physique. At least three years, so the Munich project can provide even better performance. Bayern enjoyed how dangerous this game was with the older class with Arjen Robben. He is a world star. Like Mane. But often a part-time with the front “3”. Reaction: Levantovsky of all people.

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