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FC Bayern: Rummenick-Rums!  Boss has already resigned - Effenberg sees the "mega challenge"

FC Bayern: Rummenick-Rums! Boss has already resigned – Effenberg sees the “mega challenge”

Carl-Haynes Romanic will vacate the position of Chairman of the Board at FC Bayer. Stephen Effenberg sees a “mega challenge” for the club.

Update from June 1, 8:40 pm: Today Tuesday marks the end of an era in Bayern Munich. Carl-Haynes Romanike, chairman of the board, announced his resignation on July 1 in the morning. His successor is club icon and goalkeeper Titan Oliver Khan. Former Bayern player Stephen Effeenberg sees a “mega challenge” for the former world goalkeeper.

Like the 52-year-old in his article D-Online FC Bayern explained in his opinion that the club is facing the biggest upheaval in history. Efenberg predicts that new management positions, new coaches and the financial problems brought about by the Corona crisis will present Bayern with the biggest challenges in the coming seasons. This path should now be followed by Khan, Salihamithic and coach Nakelsman.

“Your work over the next one or two years will determine how successful Bavaria will be in the next ten years,” says Ebenberg, who sees the risk here. With Romney’s immediate withdrawal, Khan and Salihamidik move to the front row and now have to prove themselves on the biggest stage. Not without risk.

FC Bayern Munich: The End of an Era – Rummenick ends July

Original news from July 1:

Munich – Surprise in Bayern Munich *! Carl-Haynes Romanieke * vacates his post earlier than planned. The board chairman signed his contract on June 30, as announced by the record champions. In fact, the longtime Bayern boss should be in office until December 31 – now he has resigned earlier. The official announcement was already there Picture, Game Shoot And The world Reported from the pre-Rummenik-Ace.

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His successor has been training for a long time and is ready for a new position: Oliver Khan *. Former world-class goalkeeper Romenicus will take his place. But why suddenly reconsider? Longtime producer Khan initially campaigned for the handover. Because: Rammanike wanted to build clear relationships* And do not divide the coming season into two – one phase with him and one phase.

According to the Munich-based company, Romanic is withdrawing “at his own request and in close coordination with the President and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Herbert Heiner and the Board of Supervisors.” The outgoing Bayern boss was quoted in a press release as saying: “This is a strategically very sensible and logical time. This is the end of the financial year, starting with a new group of coaches for a new division. As the new CEO, Oliver Kahn will be responsible for the new season from the start – for the benefit of the people involved, and thus for the future interests of FC Bayer. I said two years ago that we were planning a sensible change, and it is finally happening now. That’s how it should be. “

Carl-Haynes Romanier handed over chairmanship to Oliver Kahn: New era in FC Bayern Munich

Rummenick has already backed down from the Bavarian king transfer for the new season: talks with new coach Julian Nagelsman were led by Khan and sports director Hassan Salihamidzik. At this time in recent times, the new Bavarian * era has begun. The “Con” calendar officially begins on July 1st.

Rammenike said goodbye with satisfaction and pride. He is happy to hand over a club that is completely intact in terms of sports, economy and structure. “That’s important to me.” He is now an F.C. Bayern “wants the greatest success I can get from the bottom of my heart.

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Honor thanked Reimenike “wholeheartedly.” He made a huge impact on the FCB – first as a striker, then as vice president and finally as team leader. “Together with Uli Honey, he made FC Bayer one of the best addresses in international football – both sports and economics. Working with Carl-Haynes Romanic is a joy and honor for me and all of us. Once the Corona situation allows, we will officially say goodbye to him at FC Bayer. The name Heinz Romanic will always be closely associated with FC Bayer. “

FC Bayern Munich: Oliver Kahn will take over from Carl-Haynes Romanic on July 1

F.C. Commenting on the future of Bayern Muncen AG, Heiner said: “Oliver Kahn will take over as FC Bayern Muncen AG in early July. After his most successful career and time as an entrepreneur, he has now been actively involved on the board of directors of FC Bayern Munchen AG for one and a half years. He was already involved in decisive decisions for the future of FC Bayern, and set the curriculum with FC Bayern Ahead Strategic Plan for the next few years. F.C. We all believe that Oliver Khan is the right man to successfully shape the future of Bayern Munchen AG. “

Khan praised Romney for working in the highest tone. One cannot overestimate one’s qualifications. Now is the time for him to take charge. “Over the last 18 months I have learned all aspects of the club. I am well aware of how FC Bayern are performing and the challenges we face. I am aware of the mission and the responsibility associated with it, and I look forward to it.”

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Carl-Haynes Romanike: A world-class player and activist

Karl-Haynes Romanicke arrived in Munich in 1974 from the Portuguese lipstick at the age of 18. The striker played in 310 Bundesliga games (162 goals) at FC Bayer and scored 217 goals in a total of 422 matches. F.C. National Team European Championship (1980).

He was a two-time European footballer (1980/1981), a one-time German footballer of the year (1980), and a three-time successful striker at the Bundesliga (1980/1981/1984). After ten years at FC Bayer, Carl-Heinz Romanic moved to Inter Milan in 1984, where he still played for Geneva from 1987 to 1989.

In 1991, Romney returned to Bayer as vice president. In 2002 he took over as Chairman of the newly established FC Bayern Munchen AG. Since then, F.C. Bayern have won the World Cup twice (2013/2020), the World Cup twice (2013/2021), the German Championship 14 times and the TFP Cup ten times. Under Romney’s charge, AG increased sales from 6 176 million to 9 679 million. In addition, a profit was released each fiscal year during this time, which ensured FC Bayer’s economic stability. (akl) * and are a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA

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