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FC Bayern: TV Review - Bastian Schweinsteiger seduces viewers

FC Bayern: TV Review – Bastian Schweinsteiger seduces viewers

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Schweinsteiger calms the audience

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger


World champion Bastian Schweinsteiger was a great guy on the field because he failed as a TV presenter for ARD. This was seen again when FC Bayern went bankrupt in the DFB Cup. Schweinsteiger gets lost normally in the multi-pack.

BBig TV is a popular game on football evenings, preferably in shared apartments with students: Phrase drinking. Whenever a predetermined expert or commentator throws an empty phrase into the living room, the ex-person drinks alcohol. Certainly not something that promotes health, but a lot of meaningless things happen, especially in shared apartments. Similar to ARD.

Despite all the EM and the best game clichேs, Bastian Schweinsteiger, 37, is allowed to appear as chief analyst on the big duels in a cosmopolitan look (checked handkerchief with a checker jacket) over the age of 60. Master of words, King of phrases, Messiah for thirsty students of Germany.

After the Big Bang, for many of Bavaria’s most embarrassed bankrupt 7.29 million TV viewers, the Swinesteaker, evolving further and further towards the 74 – year – old Sky du Mont on Wednesday evening, was once again a progressive drama. Because he’s so far removed from Dumontian rhetoric, it’s fashionable to say that Bayern defender Diode Upamegano came from Gladbach’s attackers in the 0: 5 bankruptcy announcement.

Sweeney, oh Sweeney!

Just like world champion Schweinsteiger was a great guy on the pitch, he calms the audience as a TV presenter, while dividing strong peers like Sandro Wagner (DAZN). Schweinsteiger explains only the obvious. There were absurdities in the multi-pack with Bayerns Aus in Mönchengladbach – the worst here.

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“In a game, I see Gladbach as an opportunity to harass Bayern.”

“Everything in the cup is always possible”

“The game is not over yet – you have to play 90 minutes first”

“That’s a 60 percent fine”

“It was a black day (…), courage was bought”

“If it works, it will work”

“What I particularly liked about Gladbach was playing football.”

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Sweeney, oh Sweeney! There are even students who are afraid of ARD broadcasts because they don’t want to get drunk on lectures and go to lecture with a hangover.

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Above all: after the final whistle, he demonstrated in a Borussia park how to wear a scarf this fall / winter: let it hang around your neck once and for a long time. Unforgettable football TV evening after Brazil’s 7-1 like Bayern. This takes us to sports commentator Tom Bartels.

The man who slowly whispers to us in the New Year in New Year’s sky jumping. From Rio 2014, Mario Godse’s ultimate goal is to imagine for a moment his voice in eternity: “Do it! He does it! “

From the last Gladbach 5-0 count, I ask myself: Are the Bartels really a Bayern fan? In the second round knockout of the Munich team his distrust and misery were inevitable: “You do not have to insult Bayern,” Bartels pleaded. I have completely forgotten how many enemies this Mia-Chan-Mia troop has insulted in the last few decades. You have to enjoy the delight of many non-Bayern fans in front of the screen. How long have you been waiting for that?

Missing B + B for exit: Bommes and Brazzo. After the Kimmich debate, Kitchen Nail Man, Hernandez’s Fear of Prison and Disaster Game, Hassan “Braso” Salihamidjik (“It’s a Collective Darkness”) was finally presented. Helpless and helpless, he made his way through the interview, and was then only emotionally touched by the appraiser Alexander Boms with baby gloves. Quizkönig Bommes (“Heard – Hunted”) Unforgettable final chord merit: “We love this evening!” I can’t tell you about ARD at this point.

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