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FC Porto against the clock to avoid losing the training jewels

FC Porto against the clock to avoid losing the training jewels

a The summer of this year promises to be a big deal for FC Porto, not only when it comes to players entering and leaving – which may even include a new technical team – but also for renewing engagements.

The biggest mystery centers around Sergio Conceicao. The coach of the Blues and Whites ends his contract with FC Porto next June, With the progress of sports until the minute in the last daysThe continuation of the 46-year-old helmsman at Invicta City FC is uncertain.

But that is just one of the headaches that Pinto da Costa will have in the coming weeks. Output to Zero the cost of Mariga for Hilal He once again called the issue of contract renewals into the agenda for the Blues and Whites, despite the fact that in recent months the Blues and Whites have renewed their relationship with Ottavio, Sergio Oliveira and Pepe.

The situation becomes even more alarming if we focus on OLIVAL’s coaches youth contracts. The time it will enter the last of the contractual ties of some jewels in the Crown of the Blues and the Whites, but the situation is further exacerbated if we look, in perspective, to the year 2023.

Six young men of contract training are about to end

Let’s look first at next season. The season that will start marks the last year of that contractual contact Diogo Costa e Fabio Vieira To the city club of Invicta.

One of the Blues and Whites’ greatest hopes is the goalkeeper, who Sergio Conceicao has used in the Cup matches, as he has participated this season in a match in the Champions League, and in another match in the Champions League. I’m the league. The midfielder, on the other hand, is the youngster in the team that the Porto coach has used the most this season, despite having been fired from the bench on most occasions.

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This matter of contractual renewal of youth promises is even more disturbing if we also add the next pledge of the season, through June 2023. If we do these math, we conclude that four other young promises have short ties to the Blues and Whites.

Francisco MixidoAnd the Diogo Litt, Romario Barrow e Francisco Conceicao It is the remaining jewels made up at Olival that near the end of the decade. The center-back was a key player in the Season Finals, and Sergio Conceicao’s son was truly decisive in opening matches he was a choice in.

The contract renewal file for these young people promises, therefore, to give a lot of work to the SAD led by Pinto da Costa in the near future, otherwise the future of the Blues and Whites will be mortgaged.

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