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FC Porto and Benfica reject Sporting-Sporting proposals

FC Porto and Benfica reject Sporting-Sporting proposals

Access to referee team recordings and bench change

Representatives of FC Porto and Benfica present at the League General Assembly on Tuesday rejected two proposals from Sporting regarding team referee contacts and a change in the bench arrangement, it was reported. register. The Lions wanted clubs to be able to request access to recordings of conversations between the refereeing team, including the video referee, in the games they had participated in, with the aim of using them as evidence in disciplinary proceedings. The dragons and eagles refused to accept the proposal, and spoke out against revealing the acoustics. In the end, to make this possibility viable, the FPF will have to ratify the arbitration regulation amendment.


Holiday penalties end: Clubs agree to Sporting's proposal in the league

As for the seats, Sporting’s idea was for the visiting team to sit next to the assistant referee No. 1, unlike what is currently happening, as it is the home team that occupies that space. Liu officials believe that in this way, it will be possible to reduce the pressure of the visited clubs on arbitration. The competitors also failed in this proposal, whose approval would depend only on the clubs in the league, as it relates to competition regulations.

Sporting also submitted a third proposal under analysis so that suspension penalties could no longer be met for periods of time during the holidays. The Alvalad logo wants these penalties to be enforced compulsorily between the date of the first and last official match of each season. This proposed amendment to the Discipline Regulations must be ratified by the Federation, if passed to the League AG.

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