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FC Porto is not “responsible for the power outage” that led to the VAR malfunction at the Arauca reception – FC Porto

FC Porto is not “responsible for the power outage” that led to the VAR malfunction at the Arauca reception – FC Porto

The Disciplinary Board of the Portuguese Football Federation (CD) did not charge FC Porto as part of the disciplinary process related to the controversy over the video referee in the reception of FC Porto against Arauca, on September 3, in a match linked to the fourth round of the Pitcléc League. A statement from CD said: “In the investigation process, both in the investigation process and in the subsequent disciplinary process, no evidence was provided that the club visited was responsible for the power outage that led to the VAR system being identified (in the review) as an area.” “The referee had to make use of his backup power system.” In the same way, Adriano Costa, a support technician in the VAR wing of MEO, who was charged in the disciplinary process under Article 141 of the Disciplinary Regulation (failure to comply with other duties), was acquitted. Adriano Costa ended up being punished only because he “failed to take the steps he was regularly notified of during the investigation phase” with a 23-day suspension and a €230 fine. According to the information he collected registerThe accused presented himself to the disciplinary hearing, and did not miss the other steps. In the statement he published on Wednesday, the Director-General explained the details of opening the investigation process on September 5, with the Coaches Committee proposing to turn it into a disciplinary process on October 20. Four days later, it was opened, where Adriano Costa became an accused. “The evidence collected in this case – whether it is official match reports, the VAR service report, or the testimony of witnesses questioned in this case – allows us to conclude that no defect was detected in the video referee system (hereinafter, VAR) and that However, the same evidence collected allows us to conclude that the VAR system used its backup power system – also known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), a battery-based power backup system – until the UPS battery ran out and it turned off.” VAR, around the 88th minute of the match,” the matter ended when the investigation was turned into a disciplinary process.

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On 9 November, the Coaches Committee referred the case to the CD, accusing Adriano Costa of committing the above-mentioned violation of Article 141 as well as Article 138, which deals with “failure to appear to make statements”. The VAR support technician was punished by the other, being punished with this last article, because the accusation made by the coaches committee did not fulfill “the duties that the accused breached by failing to check the power supply of the VAR system and take steps towards maintaining its supply”.