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FC Porto should do a training period in the Algarve and there is a place that satisfies

FC Porto should do a training period in the Algarve and there is a place that satisfies

The Dragons should once again focus on the Algarve. The location will change, but there are still details to be ironed out.

After choosing to work exclusively at Olival a year ago, FC Porto must return to the Algarve once again for pre-season training.

There are still details to be determined, such as the date of the preparatory meetings and the total of opponents to face, but O JOGO knows that Quinta do Lago, in the Loulé region, is one of the most attractive possibilities on the table.

The complex contains a high-performance sports training center, which officially opened in 2018, provides all the conditions and privacy that the dragons need for this stage of the season. Benfica, Marseille, Beijing Juan, Rangers, Burnley, Wolfsburg, Croatia, Ireland and, more recently, Paris Saint-Germain were some of the teams/teams that were already there, alluring with the quality of the green carpet, in several Premier League stadiums.

In addition, “The Campus” as it is known has two changing rooms, a high-performance gymnasium, a recovery center with hot and cold water pools, and even a meeting room.

The Porto club announcement will not be released until all the details are resolved, making sure that next week it will still be fulfilled at ‘home’. The change should only happen when the team that will attack next season is more in formation, as there are still some players in the competition and others on vacation. The tournament, remember, is scheduled to begin the weekend of August 7th and 8th.

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