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FC Porto-Sporting da Liga: Learn about the huge disciplinary process presented by CD - Sporting

FC Porto-Sporting da Liga: Learn about the huge disciplinary process presented by CD – Sporting

The FPF Disciplinary Board has begun a massive disciplinary process following the events that occurred at the end of the championship match between FC Porto and Sporting, which was held on February 11. FC Porto SAD, Matheus Reis, and several Dragons employees are among the targets of this “Operation Wrap-Up 09.05.2022,” the FPF Disciplinary Board revealed in a statement. Under investigation, specifically, are the attacks on Mateus Reyes, carried out by employees of the maintenance of the static ads of Estádio do Dragão, or the so-called blue jackets. The initial operation also included facts such as throwing plastic chairs on the lawn or throwing a projectile into the four lines.

“The process was sent, on May 17, 2022, to the Portuguese Professional Football League Coaches Committee, excluding advertisements until the end of the instructions,” adds the body headed by Claudia Santos, in the information available on the FPF website.

In the text of Disciplinary Process No. 110 – 2021/2022, the Athletic Agents whose responsibilities will be determined by the CD are disclosed. “The initiation of disciplinary proceedings against Joao Paulo Vieira de Sousa, Ricardo Manuel Vasconcelos Carvalho, Carlos Miguel Alves Carvalho, Fotibol Club de Porto-Fotebol Sade, Matthews Reis de Lima, Manuel Silva, Claudio Filipe Nova and Carlos Elias, with the deliberations of the Professional indicates the oath, dated May 17, 2022, which contains objective facts that occurred in the game for the account of Liga Portugal BWIN”, to the decision of the Disciplinary Board.

Managers and jackets

Among the names mentioned, Joao Sousa, Ricardo Carvalho and Carvalho are the managers of FC Porto, associated with field and security guidance.

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Manuel Silva, Claudio Felipe Nova and Carlos Elias, according to register They were found, they are employees of a company hired by FC Porto and were doing their duty in the game, which means that they were the bearers of the jackets identified by the attacks, specifically Mateus Reis.

ban risk

Remember, Sporting has been fighting a Estádio do Dragão ban, a scenario that still stands, but depends on the interpretation of the CD.

Attacks on sports players committed by FC Porto-approved elements may result in the application of Article 118 of the Disciplinary Regulations, relating to “qualified failure to comply with other duties”, which sets out a one to three match ban. The same only provides for the imposition of a fine, an option followed in the past in cases such as the assault of Bizzi by a fan, in Dragao, in 2017/18 (€2,860), as well as an assistant referee by ‘Diabo de Gaya, in Luz, in 2008 -2009 (2600 euros).