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FC Porto tied, leaving only five matches.  How are I Liga accounts?  Sports

FC Porto tied, leaving only five matches. How are I Liga accounts? Sports

Round 29 of the tournament once again changed the Liga NOS title calculations. With The draw for FC Porto in Moreira de KonigosSporting CP, Who defeated Sporting de Braga on Sunday (0-1), The feature expanded on the runner-up. Benfica, A. Intruder In this race, he remained 10 points from the top of the championship and scored two wins by the Lions after being sported out of the cup.

In the x-ray, prepare the team, let’s analyze the possible math of the last five matches that these three clubs have yet to play.

Sporting Lisbon

After a difficult victory in Braga, Robin’s men saw Amorim FC Porto collide with Moreirense’s home (1-1) and regained points in the lead over the runners-up. Before the start of the 29th round, the Lions had four more points than the Dragon and at the end of Monday night they saw their advantage increase to six points.

With 15 points until the end of the league, Sporting CP has to collect 10 points to secure the national champion title. This Because it is in the case of equal appointments With Porto, Sérgio Conceição has an advantage in the direct confrontation, as during the two draws recorded in this edition of the tournament, the Blues and Whites scored twice in Alvalade (2-2(And the lions were unable to score on the dragon)0-0).

On the calendar, Sporting will now have to play matches against Nacional (at home), Rio Ave (away), Boavista (host), SL Benfica (away) and Maritimo (at home).

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In a scenario in which neither Porto nor Sporting lose points in the next three matches, the Lisbon derby will be decisive in the title decision, with the Greens and Whites only needing to ensure they are not defeated.

However, avoiding the cinematic scenarios at the end of the tournament, Sporting has to score 10 points out of 15. In order to become a champion, it’s that simple. However, this mathematics raises bitterness like, say, Lions winning two matches and drawing three more times, thus being able to finish the tournament undefeated and still not champion.

On a related note, it should be noted that the remaining five matches for Sporting, in the first round of the tournament are met with four wins and one draw. That’s 13 points. A repeat of this feat arrives and it remains for the Lions to break the draw that has shied away from first-league titles since 2001/2002, the year Mario Gardel was a force majeure by scoring 42 goals.


Unlike Sporting CP, Dragons not only depends on you and must not only lose points but also expects Lions to slip and lose at least six until the end of the tournament.

League Table Liga NOS | Round 29

First gym – 73 points
2 Porto – 67 points
Third place Benfica – 63 points
Fourth SC Braga – 58 points
Fifth B. Ferrera – 45 points
Vitoria V – 38 points
7th Moreirense – 36 points
8 Santa Clara – 36 points
Ninth place Tondela – 35 points
10. º b sad – 34 bontus
11 Portimonense – 32 points *
12th Famalicão – 31 points
Vicente’s thirteenth generation – 31 points
14th Navy – 30 points
15 Rio Ave – 30 points
16 Boavista – 28 points
17 Varians – 25 points *
National eighteenth – 24 points

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* Teams with one game to play

In the next five matches, the Blues and Whites will face Famalecoa (at home), SL Benfica (away), Varensee (at home), Rio Ave (away) and B-Sade (at home).

By repeating the training we did for Sporting, Porto, in the same group of matches, in the first round, he scored three wins and two draws against the same teams that they will compete with for the final stage of the tournament. Accounts provided, they lost four points. Given the difference in deadlines for the current league leader, repeating that set of results is something Porto cannot afford.


It’s the Intruder In the race for the title, but at the same time the team that can shake this last part of the season, because it will still play in the first and second places, being a match with FC Porto is very important because, in a state of victory, the struggle for second place, which allows Direct access to the Champions League, remains completely open until the end.

In fact, this is the battle the Eagles have to devote themselves to, as they are ten points behind the championship leader, and if Sporting CP wins the next two matches, they are already mathematically excited at the possibility of raising the championship trophy. The Lions, which have won 22 wins and seven draws in this tournament, will be required to lose at least three matches in order for the Reds to have a chance to fight for the title. But that would only happen in an almost apocalyptic scenario for their fans, where FC Porto would also have to lose points, given that they currently have four more points than Benfica.

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The Reds’ next five matches will be against CD Tondela (away), FC Porto (at home), Nacional (away), Sporting CP (at home) and Vitória SC (away). In the first round, this set of games corresponded to a win, three draws, and a defeat. That’s six points. A short sum to enter the title fight and may be short in maintaining third place, with Sporting de Braga just five points away.