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Fear of Christmas chaos after infection surge in Europe:

Fear of Christmas chaos after infection surge in Europe:

Maps show that the infection is now spreading like a belt across Central Europe Watchman based on numbers from John Hopkins University.

The United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria are among the countries that have re-implemented the Corona measures. Hospitals are under pressure, and death rates are on the rise.

– It’s an emergency, says one of the key people in Germany during the pandemic, virologist Christian Drosten, at Audio notation.

These are mainly strict measures against the unvaccinated, in an effort to reduce infection and prevent new closures, distance requirements and closed borders.

But in the Netherlands, health authorities on Thursday issued a recommendation to shut down the country for 14 days after record infection rates rose and the highest number of coronavirus patients admitted in six months, he writes. NL Times.

Germany has recorded a record high jump with more than 50,000 new cases in a single day, and intensive care units in some hospitals are filling up.

Drosten thinks it doesn’t stand the test. It is believed that it is necessary to control infectious behavior through prohibitions and commands.

Christmas markets threatened

We are approaching the Christmas holidays, hundreds of thousands of Europeans are going out and traveling. The fear is that infection rates will rise even more when people gather at parties, parties and large Christmas markets.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel described the situation as dramatic and asked the state authorities to intensify measures.

Germany’s popular Christmas markets are under threat for the second year in a row. They are now considering vaccine permit requirements so they can remain open at all.

En julepyntet Unter den Linden boulevard i Berlin i 2018. Photo by Fabrizio Bench / Fabrizio Bench

“The vaccination rate in Germany is unfortunately not high enough to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly,” Merkel said, according to Reuters.

Just over 67 percent of Germany’s population is fully vaccinated. In Austria, the figure is 63 percent fully vaccinated, and Denmark 73 percent, according to European Union numbers.

Crown passport

Several places have already introduced Corona passport requirements for visiting the arenas of recreational activities and a number of other places. The system is known as “2G” in Germany and Austria.

In Austria, unvaccinated people can no longer access restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, sporting events and ski lifts, and the government has warned that it may not be possible for unvaccinated people to visit shops or leave their homes if the situation worsens.

– We will probably get 2G over Christmas and New Year, Chancellor Werner Kogler told the Austrian newspaper Cronin Newspaper.

In Italy, France and Latvia, employees can be laid off without pay if they refuse to be vaccinated, and in many countries the requirement is being introduced that health workers must be vaccinated.

In Denmark, it was announced that the corona passport requirement would be introduced if more people were not vaccinated – leading to a major collapse in vaccination appointments.


At the same time, many point to Spain, which is not experiencing the same increase in infection. The country has the same proportion of full vaccinations as Denmark, but unlike other countries, it has maintained the requirement for face masks in places where there are many people.

The same trend is observed in Italy and Greece, which also kept bandages mandatory in crowded places indoors.

Also in Norway, the Norwegian Directorate of Health warns that hospital capacity is under threat. They call on municipalities to take effective measures. The government held a press conference on the Corona situation on Friday at 12 noon.

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