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February PS Plus is now available for redemption, check it out!

February PS Plus is now available for redemption, check it out!

Finally, January passed, like every month Sony Announces titles that reach subscribers PS Plus.

Subscribers to PS Plus Basic, additional that it Deluxe You can now redeem the games and enjoy February games.

High maneuvers and fun await players Rollerdrome. But the surprise this time is whose address Square Enix Access like First day – It's not calm Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – but Foamstars that it steel heighta game set during the French Revolution.

Check out more details about each game:


“Rollerdrome is a third-person shooter that perfectly combines intense combat with fluid movement, creating action like no other.”


“Make a splash in battle by using foam to attack, build and defend! FOAMSTARS combine party fun with the excitement of combat as you do battle with fuzzy foam that stays where you land! It's time to counter foam with foam! Attack your opponents by giving them a bubble bath!”

steel height

Paris, 1789. The French Revolution is bloodily suppressed by Louis XVI and his ruthless mechanized army. To save history, a mysterious robot named Aegis must face the King's army alone in this challenging RPG.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Marvel's Spiderman 2 is available for testing for Deluxe plan subscribers.

PS Plus discount until February 12th

If you're not a PS Plus subscriber, PlayStation is offering a can't-miss discount for new subscribers and already-subscribed gamers with discounts of up to 42% on the subscription.

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