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Federal judge halts enforcement of controversial abortion law - VG

Federal judge halts enforcement of controversial abortion law – VG

Demonstrations: Texas’ abortion law has led to protests across the US, from New York last week.

A federal judge in Texas has temporarily halted enforcement of a controversial new Texas abortion law.


Federal Judge Robert Pittman in Texas has ordered a halt to enforcement of the state’s controversial law that states that abortions are not permitted after six weeks of pregnancy. Writes CNN.

Bateman’s order is seen as a victory for advocates of free abortion, but according to CNN, it may be a temporary victory because state jurisdictions have announced that they will appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, a court that previously allowed the law to go into effect.

background: This means the new abortion law in Texas

The court has also previously rejected requests from abortion clinics to block the law.

Minister of Justice Merrick Garland stated that the abortion law It was introduced “unconstitutionally,” and that the state could not prevent a woman from making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. The State Department filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas.

The abortion law led to Big protests across the United States. This weekend, thousands of people took to the streets in New York, among other places. The law is the strictest in the United States, and took effect in early September.

Judge Bateman’s ruling states that Texas Republican lawmakers have drafted a law denying patients their constitutional right to an abortion, according to AP.

From the moment the law came into force, women were unlawfully prevented from exercising the control over their lives protected by the Constitution.

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Whether other courts will find ways to circumvent this conclusion is up to them, but this court will not allow a single day this infringing denial of such an important right.