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Federico Varandas: “Get rid of the stigma that has stuck to us in the past four decades” – Sporting

Federico Varandas: “Get rid of the stigma that has stuck to us in the past four decades” – Sporting

The president highlights his “pride” in seeing Sporting as the “strongest and most consistent team” in the league

• Photo: Pedro Cunha

Federico Varandas ensures that Sporting’s growth in the “past four years” is “realistic and unambiguous”. However, he stresses that there is still a way to go to “abandon the third major stigma once and for all,” which he hopes to achieve by the end of his term, in 2026.

“By 2026, our strategic goal has been fully defined: we will continue to focus only on ourselves and we will take decisive steps to consolidate and consolidate the position of the greats among the greats in Portugal. Reposition Sporting in a permanent and unified way, in a structural and financial way, as a top club with objective conditions to fight for all titles.” Patriotism in a natural way. In other words, to get rid once and for all of the stigma of the “Big Third” that they wanted to attach to us in the end. “4 decades”, was mentioned during the 41st edition of the film “The Lion’s Roar” taking place in Leiria.

In addition to the satisfaction felt by the club’s development in the most diverse areas – “membership growth and activity, record GameBox sales, record membership fees and record merchandising revenues” – the leader of the Greens and Whites highlighted his “pride” in the performance of the team led by Ruben Amorim, which he considers “the strongest “And the most consistent” in the matches played in the tournament so far.

“I am very proud of the performance of our coach and our players. A third of the tournament has already been played, we have already been to Braga and Luz, we are at the top of the table and so far we have been the strongest and most consistent team. We are what we want to be: competing for all the national titles and having another good European season,” he said, also praising the methods’ performance: “We are in the image of football. Once again we are in a position to compete for all the national titles and perform well in Europe.”

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Written by Ricardo Granada and Joaquim Paulo


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