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Federico Varandas re-elected president of Sporting: check the results

Federico Varandas re-elected president of Sporting: check the results

List A candidate Ricardo Oliveira and Nuno Souza in the elections held last Saturday, surpassed them with 85.8 percent of the vote.

Frederico Varandas was re-elected president of Sporting with 85.8%, equivalent to 64,509 votes, announced Rogerio Alves, outgoing chairman of the board of directors of the general meeting.

The former Black Clinical Director surpassed competitors Ricardo Oliveira (List B) and Nuno Souza (List C), who received 2.95% (2216 votes) and 7.3% (5408 votes), respectively.

The electoral law, which was held from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, required 14,795 members to vote, of which 12,272 were in the João Rocha ward and 2,523 by correspondence.

List A, by Frederico Varandas, was chosen by 12523, List B by 415 and C by 1335.

According to Rogerio Alves, 2,952 null votes were recorded, against 513 partners, and 20 void votes, from nine partners.

In September 2018, Varandas was elected the 44th president of Sporting, with 42.32% of the vote compared to Joao Benedetto 36.84%, with Jose Maria Ricciardi 14.55%, followed by Dias Ferreira (2, 35%), Fernando Tavares Pereira (0.9%) and Rui Jorge Rigo (0.51%).

That year, polling reached an all-time high as 22,510 members exercised their right to vote.

In this electoral law, the members voted for a single list, which includes the three governing bodies of the club, the General Assembly Council (MAG), the Board of Directors (CD) and the Supervisory and Disciplinary Council (CFD) and their respective presidents. .

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