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Fee of up to 15 cents for water bottles, cans of beer, and soft drinks - Environment

Fee of up to 15 cents for water bottles, cans of beer, and soft drinks – Environment

The purchase of water bottles and juices or cans of beer, cider and soft drinks must now be accompanied by an empty price tag, of between five and 15 cents, Jornal de Notícias revealed, in its Saturday, May 15th edition.

The money will be refunded to the consumer whenever he delivers the empty packages to one of the return points established for this purpose in the future single-use packaging deposit system, such as supermarkets or liquor stores.

For bottles less than one liter, empty bottles can range from five to ten cents, while for bottles of between one and three liters should be between 10 and 15 cents. But bottles still need to be deposited at eco-points.

These are the values ​​recommended by the study that define the economic and organizational model for the future system for depositing beverage packages of plastic, glass, ferrous metals and aluminum, which the newspaper had access to.

The assessment, requested by the Portuguese Environment Agency and prepared by 3drivers and Nowa, considers the introduction of the void at the beginning of next year “impractical” and releases the shipment at the end of the first half of 2023.

In the document, wines, spirits, etc. with an alcohol content of more than 10%, and milk and drinks with more than 25% of dairy ingredients are out of order at the moment, as they can generate an unpleasant odor in machinery and packaging storage areas.

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