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Feelings!  Helena Costa breaks down in tears as she remembers the diagnosis of a lung tumor

Feelings! Helena Costa breaks down in tears as she remembers the diagnosis of a lung tumor

Helena Costa was on Friday 23rd of July on “Cristina ComVida”. The actress was present to remember the stage when she suffered from lung cancer, last April.

In a conversation with Christina Ferreira, Helena Costa began by recalling that the symptoms appeared during the recordings of the TVI series “Amar Demais”, and after it ended she decided to undergo tests:

“I was short of breath (…) I thought it was a bit of a fatigue (…) When the telenovela ended, I said ‘I’m going to take tests’ (…) I was immediately told I had asthma (…) but the medication I was prescribed To me the result (…) We did a CAT test where it was not diagnosed”He explained, noting that because of the doctor’s suspicion, they decided to do a bronchoscopy with a biopsy:

“I didn’t want it to be more serious (…) but what was reported on the day was a cancerous tumor, a question mark (…) and then just crying (…) everyone knows lung cancer is devastating (.. .) I could not not avoid negative thoughts, it is impossible (…) My daughters, I wanted to know about myself … “I confess to tears. “Is it only because who will love my daughters as much as I do? Nothing else, they will lack a mother”It later collapsed.

“I am in the process of recovering (…)”

Then Helena Costa explained that half of her lung was removed and that before the operation she decided to record several moments, during which she could not avoid the worst thoughts:

“I wasn’t here, I wasn’t in this world (…) until surgery, a person thinks he’s going to die (…) As soon as I wake up from surgery (…) “Okay, I’m already healed” (…) Now it’s direct, I will live to the fullest, I will enjoy everythingShe admitted, noting that it was only after a few weeks that she got the result she longed for: She was cured.

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Remember, Helena Costa is the mother of twins Mercedes and Maria do Mar, who are two years old.

Watch the moment here.