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“Feels so good in my skin” - NiT

“Feels so good in my skin” – NiT

Clara de Souza reacts to criticism at the Golden Globes: ‘I felt so good in my own skin’

The journalist came under fire on social media after choosing João Rôlo’s dress and unexpected hairstyle.

Presented in the dress.

The Golden Globes returned to Coliseu dos Recreios on Sunday, October 2. The twenty-sixth edition of the ceremony was presented by Clara de Souza, who wore a mismatched green dress. As soon as the SIC journalist appeared on stage for the first time, memes and comments began to pop up making fun of the appearance on social networks.

In response to the criticism, Clara de Souza wrote an Instagram post where she preferred to highlight the success of the party which also served to celebrate SIC’s 30th anniversary.

“With a peak of 1.5 million viewers, the Golden Globes witnessed unique and emotional moments that we will never forget.” “For me, it felt really good in my own skin – I know it’s not consensual and it doesn’t have to be – and with the confidence needed for these very special occasions,” he added.

a dress Designer João Rôlo was criticized by designer João Rôlo because, according to some viewers, he transformed the usually sober image of a journalist into a character similar to a Disney character. The unexpected hairstyle has also been the subject of many memes throughout Monday, October 3rd.

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