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Feng shui.  See where you put rice in the house to attract a lot of money

Feng shui. See where you put rice in the house to attract a lot of money

AndIn many cultures, rice symbolizes abundance, prosperity and nourishment. As such, in the context of Feng Shui, which is a very ancient philosophy. It can be used to attract wealth.

According to the Nova Mulher portal, the focus should be, for example, on the southeast corner of the house. According to this ancient philosophy, placing rice in this area represents the intention of attracting prosperity.

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Before adding the rice, make sure this area is completely clean. Then choose a clear bowl and fill it with white rice (up to half or three-quarters). If you wish, you can place a coin to enhance the effect of the rice and surround the container with stones such as citrine or aventurine, known to attract good financial energy.

Next, place the container in the southeast area of ​​your home, living room, office, or bedroom, in a location where it receives natural light, if possible. After that, just change the rice every now and then.

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