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Fernanda Serrano presents a book paying tribute to her ex-husband

Fernanda Serrano presents a book paying tribute to her ex-husband

Secretly, in the back of the room, Pedro Miguel Ramos publicly supported Fernanda Serrano at the actress’s book launch party, which was held in the late afternoon at a Lisbon hotel.

The businessman, who was mentioned in the book “No Life Is Perfect” in the chapter on divorce, was among dozens of people who began the event by singing congratulations to the actress, who turned 50 years old.

“My ex-husband is here and this is a difficult thing to do,” Fernanda Serrano said with a smile. “I think he is the only ex-husband here.” “You have a long chapter in this book but it ends well…” he added, acknowledging that it was his daughter Cayetana who had joined her parents at the event. “You had that advantage,” he added.

He said, “I want my children to believe that giving up is not an option. That tomorrow will be better and giving up is not a solution. I do not understand this as life,” congratulating his parents on their five decades of life. together.

In the front row of the room were the actress’ parents, Arcelia and Jaime, and the two eldest children. Paulo Pires, a friend and colleague at TVI, selected some passages from the book and highlighted, ironically, the “dark side” of Fernanda Serrano, who loves to cook “live snails”.

But the moment that silenced the room was the memory of Pedro Lima. “I was on my way to the Algarve with my wife and Fernanda sent me a message. I didn’t want to believe what was happening,” said Paulo Pires.

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In the end, Pedro Miguel Ramos spoke to reporters: “My relationship with Fernanda is one of friendship. I have not read the book yet but I know that she has a book for me. I will be at Fernanda’s party this Saturday