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Fernando Alvim talks about his experience on a dating site: I've had relationships – Verver

Fernando Alvim talks about his experience on a dating site: I've had relationships – Verver

The comedian said he's already met two girlfriends through Tinder… and more.

05/24/2024 • 20 h 32

Fernando Alvim talked about the many experiences he had using the Tinder platform during his time in SIC's “Passadeira Vermelha” programme. The comedian started off by saying that dating apps aren't just about sex.

“Tinder isn't just about sex. You can meet good people. I've met a lot of them.”The caller said in an interview he gave to El Observador in 2018. On the late-night SIC show, the radio host also admitted that he continues to use this app.

“My relationship with dating apps[aplicações de encontros] “It's always been a very open relationship.”He started with Fernando Alvim, then explained what his initial experience was like. “At first, when I first tried it, my friends said I couldn't be known because I was known. These dating apps are just another way to meet people, they don't invalidate others they already know out there.”He emphasized Author of “Nobody Said It Would Be Easy.”

The comedian then spoke about the experiences he had on the dating app. “I've met people, I've had relationships, I've had a couple of girlfriends. So things don't work out. There are completely normal people, and it's not a brothel, like some people think. You have to feel the chemistry about you.” the other person”Fernando Alvim shared.

“I know a lot of people who don't go on these dating apps because they feel embarrassed.”The comedian said, finally leaving a tip for Tinder users to feel safe on a first date. “Always choose in the morning, early afternoon, somewhere with plenty of light, somewhere you feel safe.”Fernando Alvim advised.

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