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Fernando Daniel had to cancel the party for "security" reasons.

Fernando Daniel had to cancel the party for “security” reasons.

FErnando Daniel shared a video on his Instagram stories telling fans that he would not be able to revive the party that was scheduled for tonight in Boticas, in the Vila Real area.

The dispute, as the artist points out, was the lack of conditions in the structure prepared for the show.

“That’s the kind of news I don’t like to give, because I really like being a singer, being an artist, being on stage and acting, but unfortunately it won’t happen tonight,” he began by saying.

“I’m so sorry, it’s a situation completely outside of me and my team’s responsibility. We did everything possible to perform the concert, but this is not possible, the stage does not have the necessary safety conditions.‘, he explains.

“I hope that you will understand as much as possible and I hope that I will return on the terms that I deserve and that you deserve,” he added.

Watch the video in the gallery.

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