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Fernando Daniel regrets Tiago Bettencourt's comment

Fernando Daniel regrets Tiago Bettencourt’s comment

FOn Tuesday, November 16, Hernando Daniel was on “Cala-te Boca” on MegaHits radio, where he answered more intriguing questions. One of them was the artist whom I would not invite to perform a duet. was the answer James Bettencourt.

All this happened at a concert that Fernando Daniel gave when he was still in the prime of his career. The artist explains that at the time he sang a song for Ed Sheeran, because he did not have enough ammunition to fill a show.

However, Thiago Bettencourt made an offer to follow up where he ended up making a comment that he still regrets about Fernando Daniel today.

“At the end of the concert I go out and see the part where he makes fun of a lot and he says, ‘Malta, do you like Ed Sheeran? But I don’t sing, I only sing my songs. “It was really ridiculous. He must remember that he makes several copies of Carlos Baiao and many others.”, note.

“Unless you were born with two original songs and didn’t need to make songs”Finally he says.

Look at the moment below:

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