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Fernando Madureira encountered cell phone messages

Fernando Madureira encountered cell phone messages

The main defendant in the case, the Super Dragões fan is the last to be heard, among the seven who have expressed their desire to speak. Madureira is suspected of planning and executing to silence internal opposition voices during the Extraordinary General Assembly last November.

The Public Ministry (MP) now has new evidence incriminating Madureira. These are the audio, video and written messages that were seized on the mobile phones of four of the accused. These contents, which come from the first expert opinion conducted on the equipment of Vitor Catao or Fernando Saul, as well as of Thiago Aguiar and another accused, will testify to the deliberate use of violence to silence opponents during the General Assembly.

“They have determined what needs to be put into place so that they can obtain approval to amend the statute for the benefit of all concerned and without losing the benefits, i.e. ensuring their profits from tickets for football matches,” confirms the MP, who says that changing the statute was important in the interest of the current management of the club. .

The Public Prosecution’s investigation believes that the suspects, to ensure the goal, wanted to place a “human mass they controlled” in the space designated for the General Assembly, causing commotion and embarrassment among members who wanted to exercise their right to vote freely.

Today the judge must also hear from Fernando Saul. The accused asked the court to question him again.