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Fernando Madureira, leader of Super Dragões, is in pretrial detention

Fernando Madureira, leader of Super Dragões, is in pretrial detention

Another member of FC Porto's fan base is in pre-trial detention, while Vitor Catao awaits trial under house arrest.

Fernando Madureira, the leader of Super Drago, will await trial in pretrial detention, as will Hugo Carneiro (known as “Polaco” and also a member of the fan). Vitor Catao is now under house arrest.

In this way, the coroner agrees with the Public Prosecutor's Office that the leader of Super Drago, detained within the framework of Operation Praetorian, will be in pretrial detention, as well as one of the other detainees, known as “Polaco”. The MP also requested house arrest for one of the other detainees, Vitor Catao.

“I don’t know if we will appeal. This is a decision made by the defendant, and obviously advised by the defense. I will talk to him. There is no unilateral decision on the part of the defense to appeal or not,” Catau’s lawyer, Susana Mourao, told reporters.

The judge decided that these nine people, including Sandra Madureira, wife of Fernando Madureira and deputy leader of Super Drago, are subject, in particular, to a ban on contacting each other, and a ban on contacting the management and members of the team. “Blue and White”, prohibiting access to sports venues or presenting to the authorities.

One of these suspects is Fernando Saul, Porto's fan liaison officer, whose lawyer Christiana Carvalho expressed her satisfaction with the measures imposed on her client.

“The procedure remained exactly what the prosecution promoted: he could not contact other participants in the operation and would certainly retain his duties. He admitted that this is not a simple measure, but it is fair.

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Jorge Felipe Correa, Antonio Moreira de Sa's lawyer, said there were different indictments between the prosecutor's office and the judge and acknowledged the appeal to the Court of Appeal.

“The proceedings are fair, but I obviously disagree with the indictment for the other crimes, as there was only an altercation with one person. The promotion by prosecutors would mean that Antonio Moreira de Sa would only be charged with a bodily integrity offence, but the judge has now decided to charge him as a co-author of the other crimes.

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Fernando Madureira was interviewed on Monday for approximately four and a half hours, ending at around 10:30pm, after Fernando Saul, FC Porto's fan liaison officer, was questioned again during the morning.

The investigations ended on Saturday with the release of Thiago Aguiar, one of the other Porto employees involved in the operation, Antonio Moreira de Sa and Carlos Nunes, known as “Jamaica”, reducing the number of detainees to nine. On Tuesday, Judge Pedro Miguel Vieira ordered the release of six of the 12 defendants, for whom the Public Prosecutor's Office had not requested coercive measures related to deprivation of liberty. They are Fernando Saul, Porto fan liaison officer, Hugo Louriero, Vitor Oliveira, Vitor Bruno Oliveira, José Pereira and Sandra Madureira.

Last week, PSP detained 12 people – including two Dragons employees and Super Dragons leader, Fernando Madureira – as part of Operation Praetorian, which is investigating incidents at the club's Extraordinary General Assembly (GA).

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According to court documents, accessed by CNN Portugal, the Public Ministry confirms that Super Dragões fans intended to “create a climate of intimidation and fear” at FC Porto AG, on 13 November 2023, where incidents occurred, so that a legal review could be approved.” In favor of the current “blue and white” leadership.

The Porto District Attorney's Office announced that the cases are “crimes of harm to physical integrity in the context of a sporting spectacle or an event related to the sporting phenomenon, coercion and serious threat, public incitement to commit a crime, and throwing objects or liquids.” products and also an attack on freedom of information.